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If the number of megapixels a camera has is the answer, you're asking the wrong question

Everyone is a photographer . . .


I remember walking down a London street in 1979, amazed at the occasional glimpse of the newest plaything for the very rich . . . a mobile phone. About the size of a house-brick cut in half lengthways, they were carried by a few very well dressed young things who made sure they were talking very loudly, just in case any of us missed noticing their new, and very very expensive, toy.

Fast forward just a few years and we all have mobile phones that fit into a shirt pocket. Sure, some still talk very loudly when using them, but nowdays that's more a case of the "they're a long way away so I have to speak loudly" syndrome. After all, why draw attention to the fact you have what pretty everyone else around you also has?

And attached to every one of the new breed of phones is . . . a camera! We have moved very quickly from strange Uncle Ernie who used the laundry as a darkroom to make glossy 10 x 8 prints, to everyone being a photographer. . . . but sometimes . . .

. . . just sometimes . . . a phone camera just doesn't quite hack it . . . like shooting the wonderful Susgala in dark shadows, backlit by bright coloured light shining on the reflective panels behind the altar inside Guildford Grammar's magnificent Chapel of St Mary and St George during the 2018 Guildford Songfest.

Susgala performing in Guildford Grammar chapel, September 2018



About Sheldon

Born and raised in the red dust at the edge of the Nullabor Plain. Plays a lot in Open G. Shoots Nikon and Box Brownie. Loves Cricket . . . roll on the Ashes.

Getty photographer. Alamy photographer. No filter photographer. Strobist fan.

Mostly harmless.


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